Celebrities and their Favorite Casino Games

One of the biggest attractions for many celebrities is the game. Whether online or in person, many celebrities have already left a few thousand at poker tables and left with a smile on their face. For some this is nothing more than a fun night out, while others quickly fall in love with the game and develop skills that usually give them a sense of identity away from screens, basketball courts or sports fields.


For all who follow celebrities and love to bet, we’ll take a look at some celebrities and their favorite casino games.


Slot Machines

Slots are the most popular casino games, whether physical or online. Because of its attractiveness, most celebrities run away from the slot machines. One notable exception, though, is Pamela Anderson. Baywatch’s gorgeous star is a regular gambler of Vegas slot machines.



Craps is not quite the choice of most, but certainly attracts some audience. The most notable celebrity who likes craps is Ray Romano. This is the guy known for playing Raymond in the semi-autobiographical television series. Ray is a recurring subject in the tabloids for his excessive gambling habits at craps tables.



Roulette is one of those rare games that attract players of all kinds. The high-risk nature of the game combined with a plethora of betting options makes it the ideal choice for high-stakes celebrities and a craving for intense thrills. While many celebrities are attracted to roulettes, one in particular is former NBA star Charles Barkley. This billionaire can often be found at Las Vegas roulette tables by looking mesmerized for the black and red wheel with a pile of cash in his hands.


Often Barkley is accompanied by friends and other sports celebrities. Tiger Woods is one of those friends, being nothing unknown in the casinos of Las Vegas. The two are often seen pouring large amounts of money into roulette, poker and craps. Tiger himself is possibly the most famous of the Las Vegas celebrities.



Blackjack is undoubtedly the most popular casino table game for celebrities and the public. One of the reasons the game got so popular is because of its various ways of winning. Unlike slot machines or roulette that depend more on luck, blackjack players can implement strategies or count cards to win a hand. Many celebrities made their blackjack attempts, but few came close to getting as good as Ben Affleck at the tables. Having won even a high-stakes tournament, Ben was banned in some Atlantic City casinos by counting cards and earning more than would be considered appropriate.



Texas Hold’em Poker attracts players from all over the world, and is also a popular choice for many celebrities. The most notable poker celebrity is Jennifer Tilly, who won the World Series of Poker Ladies Championship in 2005. Toby Maguire also shares the love of the game and took lessons from a professional to improve her skills. Among other notable celebrities who like the game are Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck.